I'm a US born diasporan Armenian artist living and working in Chicago and Yerevan. I work primarily with live performance, video, installation and 3D renderings, and am particularly interested in how traces, indexes, archaeology of live work can invite re-performance and create a new piece in the mind of the viewer. I graduated with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019. Work has been presented in Armenia at the Institute of Contemporary Art, HAYP Pop Up Gallery, and NPAK/ACCEA; in Chicago at the Gray Center at University of Chicago, The Logan Center, DFBRL8R, Links Hall, Extase Chicago, Ohklahomo! and Mana Contemporary; in New York at GEARY Contemporary, The Maysles Film Institute, Chashama, and the PIMA Institute; in Italy at Tethys Gallery (Florence) and the 57th Venice Biennale (Arts and Globalization Pavilion).


I make performances in live and digital spaces that represent the ways that fantasy infiltrates experience of self, identity and geography. My research returns over and over to ideas of translation, diasporan neither-ness, and queer memory.

This realization may have come from my family’s own diasporan narrative, but I believe all humans experience it in degree: the simultaneity of the actual home here beneath the feet and the phantasmal home that lies so far out of reach that it may not even be a real place. I am particularly drawn to instances when this fantasy becomes a survival instinct, a kind of ever searching homing signal.